Support & Advice

We place great emphasis on ensuring the transition from GCSE to A-level study takes place as smoothly as possible so that students quickly adapt to the greater freedom and responsibility of the Sixth Form and become independent and self-motivated young women.

Each student is assigned a tutor group and is required to register in these groups each day. Each student is also assigned an academic mentor who, alongside their form tutors and subject staff, provides regular support, guidance and feedback. 

Academic Coaching

Each student in Year 12 and 13 has an academic coach whose role it is to motivate and support their mentee. Students meet their coach once a fortnight. The academic coach will help their mentee to recognise their achievements and decide on areas for improvement. Parents will receive an update email following each coaching session.

Timed Assignments

Sixth Form students have to sit an examination question once a week in one of their chosen subjects on a rota basis. This is to ensure that they remain fully prepared for the demands of A-level study.

Weekly Tracking

All AS and A2 students are awarded a weekly subject effort and progress grade which is monitored by the Head of Sixth Form.  Parents are notified in writing if there are serious concerns regarding progress or equally if they are doing exceptionally well.

Each student’s programme of study is suited to her individual interests and abilities. Throughout the Sixth Form we also provide a programme of careers guidance as well as tailored support during the university application process to ensure each girl makes the most appropriate choices and decisions.