Don't just take our word for it. This is what our Sixth Formers say... 

“I chose St.Mary's because the atmosphere and people here are so friendly and inclusive, it makes A- levels seem less like a task and more of an experience.” 

“I chose to stay at St. Mary's because I know that all my teachers will help me through my A-levels and any problems I face.”
“ The teachers are amazing; they offer great support, believe in you and help you to reach your full potential.  Lessons are really fascinating.” 

“The small classes ensure individual attention and enable you to build good relationships with the teachers. Not only do we get the work done but there are also a wide range of extra-curricular activities including Young Enterprise.” 
“I decided to stay at St. Mary's as I want to study medicine so achieving the best grades is extremely important. I know all of the teachers and they know the best way to teach me.”

“I chose St. Mary's Sixth Form because everyone, teachers and students, are extremely friendly and made me feel like I belong at this school. Also, the small class sizes enable me to focus more and learn to the best of my ability. In Maths lessons the teacher lets us work at our own pace, while teaching us everything we need to know.” 

“St. Mary's is the best place for our A-level studies, teachers and school mates are super friendly and help me a lot in my work. Small class teaching makes it much easier to understand the subject and we are able to spend more time focusing on the problems.”