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A Message from the Headmistress



I consider it my great privilege to be Headmistress of St Mary's Worcester, an independent girls' school that has always led the way in developing an education especially tailored for girls.  

When I took up the headship of St Mary’s in 2010, I was privileged to join a thriving school.  The girls at St Mary’s regularly achieve excellent academic results which enables them to go on to great universities. 

Our girls perform at the highest level in sport, music and drama and they enjoy an extraordinary range of extra-curricular activities.  All of which helps to forge each girl’s particular skills and qualities at a deeper level than any string of grades can ever reflect.  After all, there are no A*s for determination, integrity, responsibility, kindness, common sense or a positive attitude to life.

I therefore had to ask myself what do I want for a St Mary’s girl in the future?  My answer was simple.  I want to prepare her to face the challenges of being a successful leader of tomorrow.

In the future when girls at St Mary’s are ready to leave school I want them to be better equipped for a life in which, both at work and in the home, they can make their mark in the world.”

To this end, St Mary’s has introduced a new leadership programme which is interwoven into the curriculum. 

A good leader is someone who is curious, confident and creative.  A good leader will know their own mind, be independent of thought making decisions when they need to, but will also be comfortable working with a team and possess the enthusiasm and drive that will inspire others. 

From the moment a girl begins her school life in Reception class at St Mary’s they are given every opportunity to develop the skills that will transform them into the leaders of tomorrow and are regularly assessed and recognised for their achievements.

So whether it be the children in The Stables nursery working together to create a colourful mosaic for their entrance hall or, girls in the Sixth Form developing and marketing their own business,  St Mary’s girls learn how to think creatively, to recognise each other’s strengths and talents and inspire each other to work together to achieve their common goals.

In this we are continuing the spirit and vision of our founders who sought to empower and equip young women to use their talents to make a difference in their world. 

I take very seriously my responsibility to work in partnership with you to support, encourage and inspire your daughters as they prepare for life in university and beyond.

There is certainly something about St Mary’s and I would be delighted to give you a tour of the school so that you can experience at first hand this very special atmosphere.


Mrs Catherine Jawaheer

"Pupils grow into confident, thoughtful and articulate young women who embrace the school’s ethos and the compassionate nature of the community."

Independent Schools Inspection Report, September 2010