Leading education for girls

At St Mary's we aim to prepare girls of today to face the challenges of being the women leaders of tomorrow, acknowledging that good leadership has the power to unite people and help them achieve common goals.

To this end, a new leadership programme has been introduced across the curriculum, to develop within each girl the key attributes of leadership.

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • A person who knows their own mind
  • An independent learner
  • A person who can work collaboratively

From the moment a girl starts in Reception class, she will take part in a range of experiences and activities which will develop these skills.  This is known as the St Mary's promise.  Her progress towards obtaining these key skills is monitored and recognised along the way. 


To view the St Mary's promise please click on the links below

St Mary's Promise_The Stables Department

St Mary's Promise_Preparatory Department

St Mary's Promise_Senior School