Old Girls

The Old Girls' Association

The Old Girls’ Association is run by your devoted committee, all volunteering their time and, of course, all of them Old Girls themselves. We aim to keep members in touch with the school and with each other every year, alternating our Newsletter with a Reunion.

Our Reunions are always held at school so that Old Girls who attend have the opportunity to return to their beloved school to revisit all their old haunts. The Newsletter is a chance to find out what other Old Girls have been doing since leaving the school, what is happening at school now and to reminisce about our old school days together.

The Old Girls’ Association also takes great pains to support the school through financial assistance and also through supporting events at the school. The Association aims to make at least one donation a year to a large school project and we have a high profile at some of the school’s annual events such as Awards Ceremony and the School Fête.

These vital links are only possible through a thriving Association however and your committee is only as good as the support it receives from members. In addition, the Association will only survive and grow if we have a regular intake of new members.

Maybe you have recently attended a reunion of your own friends from St Mary’s and would like to join as a group. Maybe you needed a few years away from school to recover but are now yearning to find out where all your old friends are! We can help. Life membership is usually £99 however if you join before 30th September 2013 you will pay just £50. We can always be contacted via the School Office so please let us know if you would like us to send you more information about membership and how to join. We know that in today’s world of technology, you can keep in touch with your friends on the internet but only the Old Girls’ Association can offer you Reunions at the school itself, so don’t miss out, join today!

Current Committee Members

Angela King (Chairman)
Tracy Morgan (Treasurer)
Allison Ellis (Secretary)
Sarah Spears
Katie Howarth

Jane Calhill

Jane Morgan

Lynn Howells

Boarders at St Mary’s c. 1967, Photo taken by Celia McMahon
(The two youngest girls in the photo are Celia’s sisters; Angie aged 5, and Frances aged 7)

To find out more about the Old Girls Association vist thier website at www.stmarysoldgirls.org.uk