The Parent Staff Association


The Parent Staff Association as its name implies comprises volunteers from the parents and staff at St Mary’s. A committee and officers are elected annually at the start of the school year to serve for a period of one year, although members of the committee remain for several years at a time. The officers are parents and, by convention, the Chairman usually serves a two year term.

The mission statement of the PSA is “Together for the benefit of the children”, and its primary role is in a fundraising capacity. The committee meets monthly and organises events, which, it hopes will appeal to the St Mary’s families. Such events have in the past included a Promises Auction, a Casino, a Race Night, Murder Mystery Dinner, Irish themed evenings and many others.

We also run a 200 Club, which, in exchange for monthly contributions from its members, awards 3 cash prizes each month.  We have also teamed up with the Eco Kids Textile Recycling Project to raise funds, with each tonne of recycled goods we collect earning £550 for the school. The scheme will not only enable us to generate much needed funds but will also teach the pupils about the importance of recycling whilst demonstrating the school’s commitment to sustainability.

In addition, the PSA in close co-operation with the school, organises annual Garden Fetes or Summer Galas and Christmas Bazaars, which usually prove to be well attended and raise substantial funds.

Our target is to raise £6,000 annually towards Wish List items provided by each department. In the past we have extensively renovated the Senior School library, provided climbing frames for the Stables and language microphones for the Middle school - we have new Wish Lists every year and are aiming to fund a wooden playhouse, mobile flood lights for the sports pitches, some new LCD display screens and stage curtains in the Music Room. Our ability to achieve this, of course rests with the innovation of the committee in thinking up new fund raising projects, and of courseon the parents, to attend and spend! 

    Our plan is to definitely put the FUN into fundraising! So the more of our family, friends and school pupils who attend and spend at these events will mean more money raised to make a difference for the school community as a whole.

    Take a look at the Events Programme and make a date in your diary to join in the fun - you never know, you could meet and make new friends into the bargain!

    Cindy Roberts
    Parent & Chairwoman – St Mary’s PSA

    The Parent Staff Association:
    • Nicola Cleary - Parent & Vice Chairwoman
    • Jo Pritchard - Parent & Co Vice Chairwoman 
    • Tracy Morgan - Treasurer, Parent & Old Girl
    • Liz Stewart - Parent & Secretary 
    • Catherine Jawaheer - Headmistress & President
    • Philippa Blackburn - Parent
    • Zoe Davies - Parent  
    • Ellen Halpin-Barnett - Parent
    • Davina Rowe - Parent
    • Georgia Middler - Parent & Old Girl
    • Racquel Braganca - Parent
    • Dani Downey - Parent
    • Natalie Digger - Parent
    • Mr Stokes - Head of Upper School 
    • Sarah Ridge - Head of Middle School 
    • Laurie Stewart - School Bursar
    • Gemma Cleary - Head of Lower School
    • Toni Guida-Jones - Head of the Stables
    • Jeni Chapman - Nursery Nurse at the Stables
    • Roxana Watts - Parent and Office Manager 


    Those of us who serve on the PSA enjoy what we do. Although at times it is hard work, we have great fun and make new and long lasting friendships. We also have the satisfaction of enjoying watching the school benefit from the fruits of our efforts.