Learning enhancement & SEN Provision 

St Mary’s is committed to ensuring that all of its pupils attain their full potential regardless of any disability or difficulty they may encounter. We aim to enable those children with Special Educational Needs and Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, to be fully included in the school community and we strive to accommodate everyone’s learning needs. 

We are able to do this by initially assessing all of our pupils in order to identify individual learning needs. Once these have been highlighted, then appropriate specialist support can be given by our dedicated Learning Enhancement Team. By liaising with fellow teachers, parents and carers and where necessary, seeking the support of outside agencies, the Learning Enhancement Team can ensure that individual learning needs are carefully addressed.

Once a pupil has been referred for Learning Enhancement either by a teacher or parent, an informal initial assessment is carried out by one of our specialist teachers. After this has taken place, an offer of appropriate support is then made.

Learning Enhancement tuition is offered on a one to one, paired or small group provision and pupils usually attend for one session per week. Tuition takes place in the dedicated Learning Enhancement room which contains a range of resources including a computer, games and activities designed to support those pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties. The progress of a pupil is carefully monitored by the use of an Individual Education Plan or IEP which is reviewed on a regular basis. The information included on the IEP has to be agreed by the pupil and parent/carer and the information is available to all members of staff via the staff network.

For more information on how St Mary's can support your daughter to achieve her potential contact the Admissions Officer on 01905 357786.