Pastoral Care

"Pastoral care is extremely strong throughout the school."
Independent Schools Inspection Report, September 2010

At St Mary’s we pride ourselves on the outstanding pastoral care we provide for our girls. 

Fundamental to this success is a belief that each girl has a unique and precious set of gifts and talents.  With small class sizes the teachers have the space to really get to know and understand each girl as an individual, according dignity to the learner, encouraging self-esteem and mutual respect and maximising the potential of each pupil.

A seamless transition from one stage of education to another is vital for both academic and personal development.   At St. Mary’s we achieve this by having Heads of School departments who, in addition to the Form teacher, support our pupils from the moment they enter our school in Reception class until they leave us in the Sixth Form.

"The excellent relations between pupils themselves and between pupils and staff are characterised by kindness and consideration."
Independent Schools Inspection Report, September 2010

Each girl is respected and valued for her own individual contribution to the school community and in turn each girl learns to consider and respect others.  

Our House system helps to foster this sense of responsibility and pride in the school community as well as forging friendships and links across the year groups and with staff.  Each House represents one of the three sisters of the French teaching order, the Sisters of St Marie Madeleine Postel, that established the school in 1934. 

In 2012 three trees, each reflecting the particular qualities of the founding sisters, were planted in the school by Sister Mary Luke with the help of the House Captains:

An oak tree representing the strength, durability and steadfastness of St Marie Madeleine Postel

A lime tree which disperses its seeds over a wide area and reflects the role Sister Placide played in spreading the order to other countries

An apple tree to represent Sister Martha, a country woman, who as housekeeper played a nourishing and nurturing role in the order.

Each House is linked to one of the academic faculties and is led by members of the Sixth Form.  Each House has a House Captain and two deputies.  All staff are attached to a House through their faculty and are involved in House activities.  House competitions are held throughout the year and House points are awarded for effort and achievement in class and pupils’ contributions to school activities and events.

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