The Preparatory School:
An enquiring mind and a love of learning

Reception, Key Stage 1 and 2 at St Mary's School

Small class sizes and well-resourced facilities together with effective teaching enable high academic achievement without losing sight of the individual needs of every child.

Problem-solving activities stimulate an inquisitive approach as children move towards independent learning with a real sense of purpose and fun.

We endeavour to sow the seeds of an enquiring mind and a love of learning. Each year significant learning gains are made so that by the end of the Preparatory School our girls are well ahead of the field.

Strong emphasis is placed upon the development of self-confidence and 

a responsible attitude to those around them and to the world at large. The strong family atmosphere encourages teamwork, tolerance of others and leadership qualities.

The many classroom challenges upon which pupils positively thrive are balanced by a rich extra-curricular programme. They are encouraged to work hard, to play hard and to do their best at all times.

"Work was very successfully tailored to the needs of individual pupils"

Independent Schools Inspection Report, September 2010